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Refereed articles


2011. Walking the walk: On the epistemological merits of literary ethnography. Anthropology and Humanism 36 (2): 178-192.† *


2011. Knowing is half the battle? Reflections on myth, metaphor, and the untranslatability of pain. Totem: The University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology 19 (1): 38-49.


2010. Variations on a familiar theme: Reflections on advocacy journalism and the neoliberalization of mental health activism in 21st-century Canada. vis-à-vis: Explorations in Anthropology 10 (1): 81-101.†


2009. Primum non nocere: Evaluating and amalgamating competing blueprints for a new anthropology of psychiatry. Theme issue, “Body, Health, Illness: Bordering the Medical and the Social,” Altérités: Revue d’anthropologie du contemporain 6 (1): 66-76.†


Invited essays


2009. Pharmaceutical imperialism and the global trade in psychotherapeutics. Counterpunch 16 (15): 1-4.


2009. Inside the DSM. Counterpunch 16 (12): 1, 3-5, 8.


Book reviews


2012. Book note on The Language of Crime and Deviance, by Andrea Mayr and David Machin. Language in Society 41 (5): 690-691.*


2011. Desperation or dissent? An ethnographic perspective on capitalism, alienation, and transgressive sexuality. Review of Wayward Women: Sexuality and Agency in a New Guinea Society, by Holly Wardlow. Theme issue, “Situating Theory,” Peninsula: A Journal of Relational Politics 1 (1).†


2010. How it looks from the wrong end of the siphon: James Ferguson on Africa, neoliberalism, and moral relativism in the social sciences. Review of Global Shadows: Africa in the Neoliberal World Order, by James Ferguson. vis-à-vis: Explorations in Anthropology 10 (1): 126-130.


2009. Nature/culture dichotomies in bioethics debates. Review of Biology Unmoored: Melanesian Reflections on Life and Biotechnology, by Sandra Bamford. Science as Culture 18 (4): 501-504.*




2011. Cultural Horizons Prize commendation. In Section News: Society for Cultural Anthropology. Jean M. Langford, ed. Anthropology News 52 (1): 43. Coauthored with Betsey Brada and Noah Tamarkin.*


2009. The spirit and the letter. Hart House Review 18: 25-27. Third prize, 27th annual Hart House Literary Contest, short fiction category.†